The key to a healthy smile lies in dental hygiene – your daily routine of brushing, flossing and rinsing, combined with regular check-ups at the dentist and biannual appointments with your dental hygienist.

At Beaufort Dental Clinic our established dental hygiene team combines convenient, high-tech treatments with expert advice to keep you on the road to a lifelong healthy smile. Our aim is always to focus on prevention as the best way to achieve and maintain a healthy smile. It’s also your insurance policy against potentially painful and costly dental problems in future.

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Dental hygiene for children

We encourage parents to bring their children in to see us from a very early age – in fact it’s never too early for them to accompany you on your visits and get used to the sights, sounds and smells of a dental surgery. This avoids unnecessary anxiety later. We’ll definitely want to look at their teeth as soon as they come, or before their first birthday, whichever is earliest.

In addition to providing them with tips on how to brush and floss, we can offer preventive measures to hopefully stop them developing cavities. These include fluoride varnish, an invisible wash of fluoride to act as a force field against bacteria, and fissure sealants, a bio-plastic coating that we ‘paint’ over teeth that might be vulnerable to decay. Both procedures are quick and painless – and we even make them fun for kids so they won’t mind coming back!

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Why is dental hygiene important?

Keeping your teeth clean is the simplest, cheapest and most effective way of avoiding infection, tooth loss and costly dental procedures. It all comes down to the removal of plaque – the sticky film of bacteria that constantly forms where the teeth meet the gum line. When food and drink come into contact with plaque, the enamel is attacked and teeth are left vulnerable to infection and decay.

What can my dental hygienist do?

Your dental hygienist will carry out a scale and polish, carefully removing all evidence of plaque or tartar – the hard calculus that forms when plaque is left untreated. The hygienist will also advise you on good habits and best practice.

Daily dental dos and dont's

  • DO

    Brush for two minutes, twice a day.

    Floss, or use interdental brushes, once a day.

    Rinse after brushing with antibacterial mouthwash.

    Eat mindfully – consider the sugar and acid content of the foods you consume, and their colour – as a rule, dark-hued foods and drinks will be more tannin-rich, leading to staining.

    Visit your dentist and hygienist for regular check-ups and preventive care.

  • DON'T

    Smoke – it’s the major cause of staining and deeper tooth damage, as well as cancer of the mouth, lips and tongue.

    Grind your teeth – it will wear down your teeth over time. If you’re aware you’re grinding, ask your dentist about a mouth guard.

    Drink fizzy drinks – the CO2 that makes those refreshing bubbles is acidic and will erode the enamel - even in sparkling water!

    Snack constantly – the less frequently you coat your teeth with food, the less prone they will be to stains and damage.

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Dental hygiene treatments at Beaufort Dental Clinic

  • The 30-minute scale and polish. At Beaufort Dental Clinic your dental hygienist will spend around half an hour giving teeth a professional deep-clean. This removes evidence of plaque and tartar – those twin oral terrors that are the root cause of many a deep-set dental problem.

  • Oral health education. Our Colindale practice is committed to preventive dental care, and your hygienist at Beaufort Dental Clinic will advise you on diet, lifestyle and cleaning practices guaranteed to maintain a healthy smile.

  • Airflow Cleaning. This high-tech treatment uses a jet of compressed air, water and bicarbonate particles to gently and effectively remove stains. It is pain-free and long-lasting – especially if you avoid dark, tannin-rich foods and drinks, and carry out a good cleaning regime at home.

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