Even the word 'orthodontics' sounds a little intimidating – but rest assured that things have moved on since the days of oversized train tracks and orthodontic headgear.

For adults, cosmetic braces are now so popular they are commonly referred to as invisible braces – the result of huge advances in technology that have significantly reduced the visual and physical impact of braces. At Beaufort Dental Clinic we offer renowned high-tech systems including Invisalign, Six Month Smiles and Quick Straight Teeth. Consult your dentist today to discuss the options best suited to your needs and the cost of invisible braces.

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Adult braces are…


Clear and tooth-coloured fittings mean you can smile for the camera with confidence throughout your treatment.


With the new breed of braces, you can eat, drink, sleep and smile with complete confidence.


High-tech materials now allow for more compact, tooth-coloured fittings, and systems such as Invisalign are removable for when you want to eat and drink.


For many patients, straight teeth can be achieved in weeks.

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Invisalign pioneered the concept of invisible braces in 1997 and continues to make technological strides with its ever-shorter treatment times – many patients can have their braces off in just three months. Created using 3D printing technology, the clear, removable tray fitting sits imperceptibly over your teeth, held in place with high-tech SmartTrack aligners.

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Six Month Smiles

The Six Month Smiles brace employs the latest technology to move teeth speedily but gently. Designed specifically for adults, the clear braces are connected with tooth-coloured wires. Focusing on the teeth you reveal when you smile, rather than the position of your bite, the system achieves optimum results in around six months.

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Quick Straight Teeth

Targeting the front six-to-eight teeth, the Quick Straight Teeth system uses virtually invisible clear braces and tooth-coloured wires. Low laboratory fees and quick treatment times make it one of the most cost-effective adult brace systems, with treatment times ranging from four to 24 weeks on average.

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