We're known as the nation of tea drinkers – so perhaps it's no surprise that teeth whitening is one of the fastest growing cosmetic procedures in the UK.

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Fight those stains

While tea, coffee and wine – both white and red – are the main offenders, any food that is richly coloured will ultimately stain your teeth. Teeth whitening – involving the professional bleaching of your teeth – is, quite literally, a brilliant solution to a less-than sparkly smile.

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Philips Zoom! Whitening

Here in Colindale, we offer Philips Zoom!, one of the best teeth whitening systems available, which can be carried out at Beaufort Dental Clinic or at home. From the cost of teeth whitening to the variety of treatment options, give our North London dental team a call to discuss everything you need to know.

Philips Zoom!

Whiter teeth in just one hour!

With Philips Zoom WhiteSpeed, visit Beaufort Dental Clinic for teeth whitening that can be completed in your lunch break. Taking just 60 minutes, the procedure uses LED light technology to accelerate the whitening process. It's clinically proven to be a safe, effective option, with little or no discomfort involved.


At-home teeth whitening

Philips Zoom! offers a great range of at-home teeth whitening kits that suit different requirements. Whether you want a fast three-day treatment or a super-gentle two-week teeth-whitening kit, your dentist will discuss the options and recommend the best course for you.

Philips Zoom! at-home kits – a breakdown

  • Impressions are taken by your dentist to create custom bleaching trays to use with your kit
  • Each kit contains three 2.4ml syringes for administering the mint-flavoured Zoom! teeth whitening gel
  • DayWhite Maximum White offers dramatic results in two weeks, with just two 30-minute tray sessions
  • NiteWhite Maximum White requires overnight tray wear, or daily wear of two-to-four hours, with optimum results in two weeks
  • NiteWhite Quick 3-Day requires overnight tray wear, or daily wear of two-to-four hours, with optimum results in just three days
  • DayWhite Gentle requires tray wear for 30 minutes a day, with optimum results in two weeks
  • DayWhite Touch-ups are designed to be worn for 5-10 minutes a day, as required after your initial Philips Zoom! treatment


  • Why does Beaufort Dental Clinic recommend the Philips Zoom! system?

    Philips Zoom! is the only teeth-whitening brand to combine ingredients that reduce sensitivity and rebuild enamel to give teeth a lustrous, glossy sheen.

  • What does the Philps Zoom! WhiteSpeed procedure involve?

    Your dentist will use a special preparation to cover your lips and gums before applying Zoom! teeth whitening gel. The gel remains in place while the Zoom! light is activated. Three 15-minute applications take place over a 45-minute session. Afterwards, a fluoride gel is applied to reduce sensitivity.

  • What happens after the procedure?

    Your dentist will supply you with custom whitening trays and teeth whitening gel for touch-ups at home. To maintain your white teeth for as long as possible, it is advisable not to smoke, to be mindful of tannin-rich foods and drinks, and to practise good oral hygiene.

Why suffer with a sub-optimal smile a day longer?

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